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It’s saturday  I know

first day of June

a month they say

come’s after May

well today I will say

I just have to confess

I’ ve had enough of this shit

all i see and all I hear

are people who fear

but we must admit

they don’t give a shit

people who show

their ass on tv

as if a face it might be

who pretend they know

who tell the future of all

well all I see is bullshit that flies

nothing but lies

they want me to solve

they want me to pay

to help is some way

all they show

is sorrow

hunger and pain

but what they do

il kill , bomb , torture and drink brew

tell me what to do

well for just once

i will tell you

fuck you

with all you say

the games you play

I’ve had enough

just shut up

take all your crap

and shove it up there

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